Monday, March 6, 2017


Jordan and Paige are incredibly loved by so many people in so many ways! Getting to be a part of their wedding day was like watching the climax of an amazing romantic movie. 

They've been together since high school and it's as if they've studied each other well enough to anticipate the other's every move. The first in their group of friends to be married, Jordan and Paige's people watch their relationship as if it's a standard they'd like to meet.

As we documented the fabulous details of their chilly wedding day, it was impossible not to notice how much attention to detail the family had invested. From the rustic, violet centerpieces to the elegantly designed invitation their day was classic and romantic - just like them.

Hope you enjoy these shots as much as we did their special day!

Thursday, November 24, 2016


I literally cannot wait to show you more of this beautiful engagement session. I can't say enough wonderful things about Alex and Alexander. So I'll leave you for now with this for now - these are the kind of people that make me so THANKFUL that this is my job!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, October 7, 2016


As I walked into their house I was greeted by peace. He's their first and they still function with such calm. I love getting time in the home of a newborn. Especially this one.

I've known Mel for years and Will and I work together, so getting to see them in their cozy space with their precious Tripp on day eight was such a gift for me. 

And Tripp! Let me tell you about Tripp...I'm pretty sure he's a literal doll. Only dolls are made this perfectly. His features are flawless and his temperament fits his sweet parents just perfectly - peace and calm! He slept like a champ while we photographed and I coo'd the whole time.

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Getting to be a part of Ben and Sam's wedding was a treat for many reasons. I've known Sam since before she was ten. Our families have been friends for the long haul. So not only was it sweet to watch Sam and Ben fall in love and say I do with all the history I knew, but my family was also super involved in her big day.

If you've met Sam, you know she is Miss Personality! No one walks away from a conversation with Sam bored or wondering what she's feeling. This girl is an entertainer! Sam's passion for life spills over into her love for her people. I knew Sam loved people deeply because of her intense loyalty to the White family, but never did I understand how deeply Sam could love until I watched her with Ben.

These two were made for each other. From the way she beams as he entertains a room, to how affectionately he watches her tell a big story, they compliment each other in the best way. This couple has contagious love and they will make great big waves for God's kingdom through their marriage - no doubt!

And their wedding day was no different. You wouldn't believe the giant Oaks that surrounded their ceremony at The Springs. This venue is epic. Their gorgeous reception space was no different. Check it out...