Monday, October 17, 2011

welch family | austin family photographer

The morning we spent with the Welches felt like fall. There was a breeze dancing through the reeds along the lake, causing the nearby trees to make hushed, whispered sounds. It was the prefect setting for this session. One of the things I love about shooting a family is seeing that family's personality. The Welch family strikes a wonderful balance between contented rocking chair swaying and full-on adventurous exploration. One of the things I loved the most about the Welch family was the way they embrace each other. They go beyond simply loving one another to cherishing the things that make them each individual. It's obvious in the way they nourish their sweet Caroline's thirst for adventure and exploring while also enjoying all of Henry's sweet cuddles. They are a precious family and we were so blessed to spend the day with them.


  1. Anonymous18.10.11

    Can't wait to see the other photos-fun family day!

    Gigi (CC grandmother)

  2. Anonymous18.10.11

    Gotta love those Welches! Fantastic pis!


  3. Anonymous18.10.11

    I love these photos as much as I love this family. Very talented.
    How about those kiddos? Aren't they ADORABLE?~

    Bradley Johnson
    Austin, Texas

  4. Anonymous18.10.11