Monday, November 28, 2011

laura lee | austin senior photography

Laura Lee is one of those rare, wonderful people who is absolutely original and true to herself. She is passionate, creative and wonderfully different. I mean how many seniors do you know who record their own music and manage their own bee hives? That's what I thought. With talents and interests that shine so brightly, the thing I love most about Laura Lee is that ultimately what shines brightest is her heart for her family and her friends. I'm blessed to know this joyful, caring, wonderful original.

Laura Lee got a Where the Wild Things Are costume for Halloween and you better believe we went to the woods and took pictures with it! Love her!


  1. She is beautiful!!!

  2. Shelli1.12.11

    Oh my, Julie! Sweeter than expected! Love this! I'm crying.

  3. cal+claire1.12.11

    These are great!

  4. She is stunning! Wonderful job!

  5. Anonymous1.12.11

    These are amazing. I bet she has one happy mama right now looking through all her pictures. - Christina Mitz

  6. Laurie3.12.11

    Our La...beautiful inside and out...great job!