Saturday, December 31, 2011

reichle family | Austin Family Photographer

This time of year makes me sentimental! Something about celebrating the new year makes everything feel super nostalgic, right?

As I reflect on the last year, all that I've learned and all that the coming year brings, I feel particularly emotional about things that have marked this last year of life. Conversations stand out to me...moments when I was challenged to be a better me. I'm amazed by how quickly life passes.

Following this beautiful family throughout the last two years has been one of Everest Road's greater blessings. If you've followed us for very long you might recognize this precious little face. We were so fortunate to follow sweet Addison through her first year of life, and I can not believe how quickly she's become the gorgeous little girl that she is today!

As we end 2011, I think it's appropriate we feature this sweet family. Loyal to the core, the Reichles are committed to the things that they love...and they LOVE EACH OTHER! Every time I spend time with them, I want to jump in on their family hugs. The way they embrace one another, giggle and run in for another tight squeeze is just a tiny example of their love for each other.

With all that 2012 holds for these guys, I hope you're fortunate enough to have one of those lasting conversations with them. I know we're blessed with each one that we get!!

Happy New Year, world wide web!! Enjoy - The Reichles...


  1. Anonymous1.1.12

    Thanks for sharing these AMAZING photos Kevin and Amanda. They are absolutely gorgeous and I wish I could find a photographer here that could even come close to capturing such incredible and beautiful moments that are so authnetic. I'm so envious!

  2. Cindy Tucker2.1.12

    Jessica, the pictures of Kevin, Amanda and Addison are ALWAYS incredible. You do such wonderful work and I am thankful to have you capture some of the most memorable moments we will ever know. Thank you again for your incredible work, you are the best! Addi's Mimi, Cindy Tucker.

  3. Kaye Kyle2.1.12

    Such awesome creative photos of Kevin, Amanda, and Addison Reichle!

  4. Anonymous2.1.12

    What a beautiful, lovely family! Great pics Jessica!

  5. these pics are amazing!! sweet fam and that Addi is precious!

  6. Anonymous2.1.12

    Absolutely beautiful pictures of the Reichles! They always seem to perfectly capture all of their joy and love. I didn't think Addi can get any cuter!!!

  7. Alexis Flores2.1.12

    I love these peeps! Addi, you are growing into a beautiful, joyful little girl! Way to go, Reichles, for a job well done! You're doing it right! Great work, Jessica!

  8. Stephanie3.1.12

    Love, love, love these photos! Such a gorgeous family!

  9. Anonymous3.1.12

    Your work is absolutely amazing! I love visiting your blog and seeing all your photos, especially the ones of this very special family!

  10. Katie Pena3.1.12

    Beautiful family and pics! Love these three people so much!

  11. Oh Addi! Precious! SUCH great pics! Love the Reichles!