Thursday, January 12, 2012

baby anneke | Austin Newborn Photographer

It's amazing to me how intuitive newborns are. It's like the nine months of their development they're somehow already learning about what goes on outside their womb home.

When Julie and I arrived to photograph nine day old Anneke she knew we were in her home. She did everything she could to stay awake and figure out these two crazy girls with cameras. And we weren't complaining. Capturing her gentle expressions unfold as she reacted to her two super fun, super huge great danes who were equally hospitable and desperate to be in the mix was such a treat.

With parents as fun as Glen and Andrea, Anneke has an exciting life in front of her. Their lives have taken them all over the globe...and this could be their greatest adventure yet. Watching these two love on their little was as if every day before now had prepared them for her...this little girl that makes them family. No matter where they'd been before their lives will never be the same.

I feel so lucky to have spent a little time in their home with their dear daughter.

Being a holiday baby has a few perks...adorable outfits for one!


  1. Anonymous12.1.12

    Jess that picture of her with the dog is easily one of my all time favorite baby pictures, EVER. Awesome job girl.

  2. I SO agree with that! The dog with the color of the blanket... gorgeous! And that next on is so beautiful, too. What a sweet girl.

  3. Andrea17.1.12

    Thanks ladies for doing such a great job!! We had a ton of fun and are so happy with how the photos turned out.