Thursday, April 19, 2012

rachel and justin | austin engagement photography

As we wandered up and down the streets of Austin with Rachel and Justin, I could feel the stress from my weekend traveling melt away. They both exude a contented peace and I felt lucky to be caught in the crossfire of it. I left the session so different than I had arrived, more peaceful and more happy. It struck me just how lucky I am that our clients are wonderful enough to make a day of work relaxing.

The ability they have to relax those around them is such a unique gift, and one I've rarely seen, let alone in a couple. It isn't that they're quiet and boring, in fact they're quirky and hilarious and had me hunched over belly laughing during our afternoon together. But there is something easy and effortless about them and the way they love each other as they are that makes life just seem simpler. And better.

I can only imagine how wonderful and blessed their marriage will be based on how much an afternoon with them made me feel wonderful and blessed.

Rachel and Justin, I truly loved our afternoon together and couldn't be more excited that you're going to spend the rest of your lives blessing people just by the way you love each other.


  1. I love these! Rachel and Justin are two very dear friends and you captured them perfectly! And what you said about them couldn't be more right... they are truly two of a kind! :) Well done!!

  2. These pictures turned out great! You did a fabulous job capturing their personalities and I couldn't agree more with what you said about them. Such a special couple!

  3. Really feel like these captured yall's personality well! Stoked about your upcoming wedding!!

  4. Anonymous23.4.12

    So great! The pics turned out awesome:) So happy for you guys!

  5. Anonymous23.4.12

    Great job Everest Road photography! Rachel and Justin--y'all are so cute and look SO happy :) Can't wait for June!! Love!!

  6. Anonymous23.4.12

    Great job Everest Road!! Justin and Rachel--you both look so cute and happy :) Can't wait for June!! Love, love, love!

  7. Rickie24.4.12

    Great pictures! So excited to celebrate with you in June.

  8. Anonymous24.4.12

    Love the pictures and the two of you together!! Cannot wait to celebrate in June!

  9. Anonymous26.4.12

    Wonderful pictures to portray a great couple! So happy and excited for you both! :-)

  10. love everything about this. the photos. the subjects. and the photograher!

    rachel - i think you finally mastered the "sexy" face. must have just taken the right man. ;)