Saturday, May 19, 2012

Alex | Austin Senior Photographer

I love that this job allows us to be a part of so many people's most notable seasons. That we've gotten to walk into these seniors' last weeks at home is so unique, and I love it.

Within moments of meeting Alex I knew we'd get along. An artist in every sense of the word, Alex listed some of her favorite musicians and I was hooked. To even have similar taste in music to her made me feel cool. Alex is "I could roll out of bed and straight into first period and still look like I just walked out of an Anthropologie catalog" cool. And if that was all, it'd be one thing...but this gorgeous senior's beauty runs so much deeper than her impeccable skin.

Alex is so kind! In only a couple hours together it was obvious that Alex is the kind of girl that the principal introduces new students to because he knows they will feel connected and cared for within seconds of knowing her. And that's how we felt. Time with Alex was so comfortable and so much fun.

I tell you what...SMU is lucky to get this girl next year!!


  1. Anonymous21.5.12

    Many congrats Alex!! Rightfully so, your father is extremely proud of you. Go out there and crush it! All the best, Bobby Dhillon

  2. Oh my goodness, these shots of Alex belong in a catalog. The photography definitely captured her personality and gentle spirit. Looking forward to the day when my girls can have their senior pictures taken by you.

  3. Incredible photography of a stellar subject! Alex, you are blessed with your mother's beautiful smile. Best wishes as you head to SMU.
    Tom Robb
    Waco, TX

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    1. Alex, you are a gorgeous girl! And, you are lucky to look so much like your sweet mother! Enjoy your college years and have fun making a lifetime of memories!
      Joy Robb
      Waco, TX

  5. Beautiful photos of a beautiful girl!!! (inside and out!) ;)

  6. Anonymous21.5.12

    Simply Beautiful Alex Monroe. She is just a beautiful on the inside. Enjoy your new adventure SMU is lucky you picked them
    Kim Monroe

  7. Melissa Monroe22.5.12

    Love these photos! The photo shoot was such a fun day, and definitely captured her personality. We will cherish these!!
    Melissa Monroe

  8. Jennifer Williams29.5.12

    I absolutely love these pictures --- beautiful! Congrats Alex!

  9. Russ Monroe29.5.12

    So proud of you Alex and we love the photo session. It was a great experience.
    Russ Monroe