Wednesday, May 2, 2012

jordyn | lake travis senior photography

I liked Jordyn from the moment she pulled up to our senior session together. She has one of those personalities that exudes hospitality and makes everyone around her instantly feel relaxed and welcome, like spending a day with a friend you just haven't seen in a while. Driving across the gorgeous Bee Cave ranch, stopping at creeks and fields and windmills, Jordyn was completely easy-going, adventuring up and down rocky sloping hills and climbing ladders with a genuine, amused smile on her face. Oh, also she was wearing a dress and girlie shoes and somehow managing to look absolutely gorgeous and graceful every step of the way. It's hard not to adore someone like that.

Thanks for spending the afternoon with us Jordyn, we loved it!

Jordyn's boyfriend came along, so we had to get some shots of them being adorable. Obviously.

Isn't she stunning?

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  1. Lynsey3.5.12

    I'm obsessed with the girl's hair, so gorgeous!