Monday, August 6, 2012

Lucy Love | Austin Newborn Photographer

I held onto my phone as if it were my lifeline on April 18. I knew it would be hours before we knew if it was a boy or a girl, but that didn't matter to me. From six hours away, I waited anxiously for every last detail about the baby's arrival.

And when she came, there were tears. Alone in my car, I wiped my eyes, looked at the photo on my phone and thanked God for Lucy Love. Her little life is just so significant!

There really isn't a way to adequately write about how much I adore Lucy and her family. After a super tough year, Lucy was born into one of the greatest families on this planet. Already she fits in perfectly!

Days later I loaded up and drove to Lafayette for the third time this year. The drive was nothing in light of the time I got with the family I love so much at the end of it.

Lucy is already a rock. Her sweet, steady countenance has brought so much joy to Joey and Claire. And big sister Elise is already smitten by every last part of Lucy Love (her nose, her ears, her to-toes...).

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