Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rebecca + Joe | Austin Engagement Photographer

They're the kind of couple it feels like were born to be life until this point was only preparing them for their one and only.

Their meeting was a set up, but Rebecca and Joe may just prove fate to be  real. He was living in Houston and she in Kansas City when they met in Austin. They both fell hard and fast. In a matter of months the wedding date was set! And no surprise...these two are pretty lovable...

Beautiful and lovable!

Spending time with them at the South Austin home where they will say their vows in April felt like I was hanging out with lifelong friends. I can't wait to be a part of their wedding!


  1. Anonymous9.9.12

    Beautiful photos!!! So happy for you Becca! -Larissa

  2. Anonymous9.9.12

    Love them! Aunt Pam

  3. Kelley from Team Janelley10.9.12

    YAY!!! So excited to see all the pics!! LOVE THEM!!!

  4. Anonymous10.9.12

    They are so beautiful!!! I love them all!!!

  5. Anonymous13.9.12

    Great pictures--you both look so happy! And his truck looks way awesome ;) MISS YOU! --Steph