Monday, September 17, 2012

Rubey Family | Austin Family Photographer

In the days I spent with this family at their home outside Los Angeles this summer I was humbled.

I love watching folks love the people they call family matter their differences. I teased these siblings that whole personality tests could be based around the four of them. They're each so uniquely gifted.

And that's what this family is...gifted. Having the privilege of walking pretty closely with them for the last five years, I am so grateful for the exposure I have to their many talents and personalities.

Every time I get even a weekend with the abundantly generous Rubey family I walk away having learned so much about what it looks like to love well. From the way a dad provides and cares for his only daughter to how brothers really can be best friends, loyal barely scratches the surface when describing John, Donna, Melissa, Andrew, Roger and Timmy.

So so so so so very thankful to know the Rubeys. And love that I got to be a part of Donna's 60th birthday celebration!!

Happy Happy Birthday, DR!


  1. Oh man. I love these just about as much as I love the rubey's. Presh!!

  2. Anonymous19.9.12

    Great shots of exceptionally great people! -Tasha-

  3. Aunt Eileen20.9.12

    love love love these pics! makes me miss not being there for the celebration all over again! Love from ae and the washtenaw rubeys!

  4. Anonymous20.9.12

    Thanks for the kind words, Jess. Really great job with the pics! -Timmy

  5. Those Rubeys are as awesome as they come. These pictures are too. Great work!

  6. Anonymous23.9.12

    Lookin' good Rubeys! -Martha

  7. The only thing better than Rubey, is a lot of Rubeys.