Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rachael | Woodlands Senior Photography

As soon as we hopped in the car after our afternoon with Rachael, the conversation immediately turned to how blessed we felt. It was a combination of gratefulness to do what we love and also for getting to know Rachael. She's such a warm person and the moment you meet her you see kindness in her bright blue eyes. She carries herself with the confidence of someone who is sure of who she is but she's also always up for fun and will jump in a stream at a moment's notice. She's just the kind of person that makes you feel blessed.


  1. Love your work! and loved meeting you!!!

  2. Anonymous1.11.12

    I cannot believe how grown up your baby is, Dee. The pictures are fabulous. I love the one where Rachael is in the colorful dress and laughing. Love (Aunt) Mary

  3. Anonymous4.11.12

    All great pics. Rach is so photogenic! Good luck making your selections......(aunt) Debra

  4. Anonymous7.11.12

    Such beautiful photos. How are you ever going to chose? The scenery is also beautiful.
    Shots are natural.Love,Gran ma

  5. Anonymous14.11.12

    Beautiful pictures! Love your work!