Friday, November 9, 2012

Cousins | Henderson Family Photographer

My dad has 65 first cousins. I always thought it was crazy that he could barely remember their names when he saw them. So I have always been so thankful that I only have eight first cousins and I could tell you far more than their names without any extra thought.

I think cousins make the best friends! Convincing your parents to bring your cousin on family vacation is cake! And who doesn't love family that goes home to a different house at the end of the day?!

These cousins were the picture of great friendship and super close family. In our short time in East Texas we were greeted warmly by this dear Henderson family. As we made our way around their gorgeous property it was a blast to watch Kat, Amelia and Eveline interact. With the dynamics of three sisters, these cousins made me want to insure my siblings and I raise our kids down the road from one another.

Oh and did I mention each of them are GORGEOUS?!


  1. Jean Stokes9.11.12

    We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos!!! The hardest part is going to be choosing which ones we want!! The girls loved working with shows in their smiles!!! The BEST photos they have EVER taken!!! THANK YOU Jessica!!!

  2. Virginia Buras9.11.12

    These are great photos! Loving viewing my granddaughters.

  3. Nicole ballard9.11.12

    Jean! You have to buy them all!! These are beautiful pictures and of course the girls look amazing! Love them!

  4. Julie and Jess... Y'all outdid yourselves!!! I have a feeling you may need to schedule another East Texas trip soon!!! The pics are gorgeous :) Thanks so much for making that day so fun!!!

  5. Beautiful! You girls and fun and beautiful!!