Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Jo and Kate are incredible. You may remember them from their wedding, but what I remember about these two is that it's always so easy to be with them. My time with this couple is always fun and simple. I never feel like it's work when I'm with Jo and Kate.

I'm convinced that the ease in their relationship will make them amazing parents. Their sweet little ?? is going to have one great life in this family!

Another thing that makes these two incredible is their self-control. Several weeks ago the doc handed them an envelope with the gender of their little one written inside. Rather than having a party or even an intimate moment where they learned their baby's gender, Jo and Kate framed the envelope and have no plans to open it before he or she comes! Can you believe that?!


  1. I love these!!! Their Aggie outfits with the shoes... adorable. LOVE seeing Kate's tummy, too! And especially love that they aren't finding out... I can handle the not knowing, but if I had an envelope within 50 feet of me at all times that told me the answer... that would be rough! :)

    These are wonderful!

  2. Anonymous1.5.13

    This grandma can hardly wait until that little one is here!

  3. Anonymous2.5.13

    Beautiful pictures of a special couple.

  4. Anonymous9.5.13

    Two great-grandparents can hardly wait either! They will be remarkably nice parents.

  5. Anonymous12.5.13

    This great-aunt is excited for Jonathan and Kate -- two loving people who will be loving parents.

  6. Congratulations!! When is your due date? My lovely wife Jamie and I are expecting our first, Mark Francis, on August 5th. Exciting times!! Cousin Mark from Maryland (Carol's son, Paul's brother).