Thursday, May 30, 2013


If it were possible for me to articulate what a gift being a part of this special couple's destination wedding weekend was for me, I would.

I would tell you that meeting one of these two incredible people who love others deeply, possess fierce loyalty, and live unbelievable lives of adventure would affect you forever. Then I would tell you that just hearing about how these unique individuals would commit to life together would leave you in awe.

But for me to adequately tell you what a blessing spending a weekend watching my two new friends celebrate their love for each other by lavishing love on their friends and family, I would need more words than I know.

So, I'll try to use photos.

One amazing weekend in May 2013, New Yorkers, Lyndsey and Derek hosted 80 of their closest friends and family on Harbour Island in The Bahamas. For three days I got to document as folks celebrated.

Below you'll see a beautiful couple on a gorgeous island celebrating a crazy love.

Ceremony photos to come...

Lyndsey and Derek's love for each other is a shadow of the epic love each of them has for their God. One of the sweetest moment's of my career was this morning. At sunrise, the day before they wed, Lyndsey and Derek expressed their commitment to Jesus through baptism amidst their closest family and friends.

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