Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This beautiful Dallas couple chose a rustic Texas Hill Country venue for their August wedding, and it turned out just right.

As incredible as it was to watch folks from all over come to Fredericksburg to celebrate Riley and Roxanne, their families are what impressed me most.

Riley and Roxanne chose to do a first look before their evening wedding ceremony so that we were able to take family portraits with both the bride and groom before guests arrived. As I worked to gather dozens of different arrangements of people for these images, I felt like I was a part of a unique family (re)union. I was so thankful to be documenting a moment when several families (some unions newer than others), came together to become one great big family.

Hearing Roxanne's stepdad speak with so much love an affection toward his "bonus daughter" as he officiated the wedding, blessed me! It was further proof that these folks know how to love each other well.

For Riley and Roxanne, family means more than matching bloodlines. In the years to come, I can't wait to see how powerful their family is to those who know them.


  1. Had such a great time! Beautiful wedding and photographs.

  2. BEAUTIFUL pictures!! You are right, they are an awesome family! It was an extraordinary wedding and bride and groom! Your photographs are just stunning!!

    Jan Hankinson

  3. Anonymous11.9.13

    Fabulous pictures! So beautiful! Wonderful wedding in every way!!

  4. Anonymous12.9.13

    Awesome wedding and so happy for Riley and Roxanne!

  5. Sallbright14.9.13

    Stunning pictures! What a wonderful couple!!! Shout out to Bob & Jane!

  6. Anonymous15.9.13

    Truly a fairy tale wedding! I love every single detail! You all look like models! Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! Best wishes to the happy couple! Love, Beth