Thursday, October 31, 2013


I have a big sister and a little brother, and I tell you what, they are two of my very favorite people.

As I captured this sweet duo I couldn't help but think of the day twenty years from now when they come across these photos and laugh remembering that afternoon they spent with that crazy photographer.

And crazy it was...Anna and Will and I jumped, spinned, told jokes and made the silliest faces we could come up with that afternoon. And I loved every last minute of it.

These are a couple of very special kiddos and I love that they are not just siblings, but sweet friends!

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  1. Anonymous4.11.13

    Melts my mama's heart to see how these young siblings love and enjoy each other. Its what makes you unique, Jessica, that you are able to capture emotion and fun and save it forever for them and their family's to remember. Everest Road Photography seems to have a gift to make the clients your comfortable friends and then capture their best most relaxed expressions to remember forever.