Monday, November 18, 2013


This time of year is super fun because I get lots of time with adorable families. Mamas convince me that it's possible to parent well while looking terrific. Kids don new duds that coordinate perfectly with the rest of the family. And even dad's put on a happy face to appease their lovely wife for family Christmas photos!

For this I'm grateful.

The Shirey family was no exception. Three and a half years ago, I photographed a fairly new baby Aidan. As adorable as he was then, the personality that came with this almost four year old that fall afternoon was that much more fun. Aidan never stopped moving, which made his gorgeous, pregnant mother shine. It's no surprise why Alyson looks so fantastic seven months pregnant.

Happy holiday season, friends!


  1. Anonymous18.11.13

    What absolutely amazing and gorgeous photographs! My close friend of 35 years could not look any more beautiful, glowing or fantastic...and Scott and Aidan are right there with her! What an awesome photo shoot! xoxox Ginna

  2. These photo's are gorgeous! I love the one with Scott and Aidan peeking under the log railing and the one of Aidan listening to his sister.

  3. Wow! These make me want to get family photos too!! You guys look awesome :-)

  4. Anonymous18.11.13

    Fantastic job of catching Aidans impish grin, Alysons beauty and Scotts love for both of them. Jeannine

  5. Anonymous19.11.13

    Beautiful photographs. Love the one of Alyson holding Scott's photograph...such a sweet family.

  6. Beautiful pictures! My favorite is Aidan kissing Alyson's baby bump! Love you guys! Barb

  7. Susana AKA Nanna :-)25.11.13

    Love love these pictures! All about them, the settings the lights the expressions the cuteness !! Great Job! It is going to be a challenge to pick a favourite one! Susana