Friday, December 13, 2013


If you've talked to me very long about Everest Road, you've heard me say that this business has been a gift. I love getting to photograph people. I love documenting life's high points…the days that we want to remember forever.

But more than these things, I feel blown away by the gift of our clients. With every email I receive I'm more humbled at how God has provided for us. For every adorable baby I get to watch grow into a kid and every fiancé I see turn to a blushing bride I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

As many of you know, Julie had her second baby in August. Norah is as precious as sweet Hadley and we couldn't be more excited about how the Prothro family is growing. With this new season, Julie decided to step back from photography earlier this year to focus on time with her family which has been a huge blessing for Evan and the girls. I feel thankful I get to keep her close within the ins-and-outs of running the business and often second shooting weddings with me, but it means that many of you haven't seen her this year in your portrait sessions.

With the demand that a heavier wedding schedule has required of me and the changes we've faced this year, Everest Road is ready to make a transition I've dreamed about for a long time!

Because this work has always been bigger than me, I've never planned to be in it alone. For years, I've prayed about what it would look like to bring in others to shoot with Everest Road. I've asked that it would be absolutely clear when and who fit within the brand of our business. I've prayed that they would be talented and fun, but more than that I've prayed for someone who would love our clients.

I'm so excited to announce that this is where we are!

As we begin 2014 my very talented friend Ashley Stathes will join the Everest Road Photography team as an Associate Photographer. Many of you have been lucky to meet Ashley during some of our fall sessions or as a second shooter during this year's wedding season. You can attest to how fortunate we are to have Ashley aboard.

Ashley has been photographing families and kids for the past two years and has built quite an incredible portfolio. Her eye for detail and her creativity makes her images stand out above the rest. Ashley loves kids about as much as anyone I know, which is why it's so exciting that she and her husband Branden welcomed their first son, John Cruze, on November 22 of this year! I'm convinced that being a mom will make Ashley's ability to connect with kids and families that much greater.

One of the great parts of all this is that I have unbelievably talented friends, so I'm loving that I get to welcome one of my dearest friends to the team…and introduce her to you!!

Beginning in January, Ashley's role will be to photograph our newborn, family and senior portrait sessions. Though I will be available to photograph at a different rate should a client choose, Ashley will take over the bulk of our portrait sessions.

We feel so grateful for all that is happening on our team. If you know me very well, you know that one of my greatest joys in life is connecting people. Getting to see the people I love love each other may be what I was created for…so you can imagine how excited I am about each of you getting to know Ashley!!

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