Friday, January 17, 2014


You'll have to forgive me, this post is about ten months coming.

I was going through 2013 photos today and realized I never posted photos of one of the world's most adorable baby girls.

Last year, I was so thankful to make a trip up to Denton to photograph my sweet friend Sarah's Campbell. I may have mentioned that I lived with my five best friends in college and watching each of these women have babies has been incredible to me. Babies seem to chart time passing and I love that I have gotten to do life with this family for so long!

Campbell couldn't have been more "well-behaved" for our shoot. She was as pleasant and smiley as they come. It might have helped that, with her daddy, mommy and mimi standing watch, she felt as loved as she is. And this first grandchild is WELL LOVED!!!

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  1. Love all of them, of course. My beautiful baby and my super talented photographer friends--makes for a killer combo.