Sunday, April 20, 2014


This wedding was one of a kind. From dangling parasols to seersucker, the ladies at Gypsy Floral and Events outdid themselves for David and Gje's big day.

And no wonder for such an inviting couple. These two love people really well which is one of the things that made their wedding day so unique. In my time with David and Gje over the last several months, I've consistently felt warm and invited. They're each so friendly, and it excites me for their future together.

From Dallas they planned their Mercury Hall soiree and it went off without a hitch! And as if Gje's elaborate wedding day dreams turned reality weren't enough, watching their community gather around them with support and love on their big day was such a treat for me!! Getting to document a couple and a day that is so spectacular was just so much fun for us!

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