Saturday, August 23, 2014


The miracle of a comfortable outdoor August wedding in Texas shouldn't surprise anyone that knows Trent and Jess. This unbelievable Horseshoe Bay celebration was perfectly fitting to an extraordinary couple and their love story.

I've known Jess for a little while now and what I know most about her is that Jess affects the people she knows. From her closest friends to her sorority sisters to the college girls to whom she ministers, there are long lists of people who would say their lives have been affected by this gorgeous bride.

You can imagine my surprise when I met her handsome Trent and learned that the list of folks affected by his love for people may even rival Jess'. I've literally heard people talk about their incredible love story and how excited they are to watch their life together!

So getting to be a part of their spectacular wedding day was an incredible honor. Brock + Co Events did a phenomenal job of making Jess' dreams a reality. From the reverent golf course ceremony to the honey butter chicken biscuits that rounded out an epic dance party, not a detail was missed.

This was an outstanding party...I think you'll agree.

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