Wednesday, December 30, 2015


New Years Day is one of my very favorite of the year! Something about starting new makes my heart beat a little faster. The excitement of reflecting with gratitude on the yesterdays and facing forward with goals toward what the next year will bring stirs something in me.

As the new year approaches, I try to make a habit of listing the things from the past year that I want not to forget...both those that brought joy and excitement and those that caused pain and growth. I'm comforted by God's presence and plan as I move forward into new and exciting tomorrows.

God made us to start new. Scripture even speaks of a new earth that His children will enjoy in eternity. So doesn't it make since that newness would make our human hearts giddy?!

This New Year brings some change for Everest Road Photography. Throughout it's five and a half years of life, I've watched God provide  for ERP exactly what we needed when we needed it. I've seen God grow my faith as he's protected and provided this gift that has always belonged to him. His kindness has overwhelmed me as I've gotten to sit back and enjoy the ride.

We have been honored to be invited into some extremely intimate moments since 2010. From new life to graduations, our portrait photography business has been an overwhelming blessing. If you follow our blog, you'll note that our very beautiful clients have become like family to us. We've gotten to document as their kids have grown from a mere idea to school aged excitement.

It's bittersweet for me to announce that 2016 brings a timely change for Everest Road. With the new year, Everest Road will be moving away from portrait photography and toward solely Texas Hill Country Wedding Photography.

We are overjoyed at the opportunity to pursue Central Texas brides with our whole focus as we move forward. This will include engagement and bridal portrait work along with our wedding photography packages which include destination weddings.

Once again, I can't say enough how grateful we are for the years we've had to get to know and document beautiful families across Texas. We will forever count these families as valued friends.

So as the streamers explode, champagne glasses are toasted and auld lang syne serenades us in the background, join us in celebrating all that is new this coming year and standing grateful for all that has been given to us in the year that's passed.

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