Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Francie, this incredible mix of calculated and particular and perfectly compassionate and fun, met her match in dear Carson, kind-hearted, filled with integrity and just so thoughtful. These two have built an incredibly selfless life together in Dallas and it was uniquely delightful for me to get to be a part of their Austin wedding.

Having known Francie for several years, spending time with her family throughout this wedding season helped me to understand what made her into the loyal friend she is and particularly lovely bride she was that January evening. And boy was she lovely!

Though her dress was breathtaking and her hair and makeup were perfect, what stood out most about Francie on her wedding day was how excited she was to celebrate all that God gave her in Carson. Getting to document as the two of them enjoyed their special day was perfectly simple and beautiful.

It's weddings like this one that make me excited to see the days ahead. I can't wait to watch as others are affected by the way Carson and Francie love one another!


  1. :) We LOVE these.
    - Kate and Rachel

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