Monday, March 14, 2016


I understand that to many people the purpose of a bridal session is to capture a formal portrait of the bride-to-be decked out and prepared for her big day. To me the best shots from the session are always filled with laughter - far less formal. I love when you can hear someone laughing when you see an image. It's my favorite!

This weekend my incredible roommate of two years married the man of her dreams - her very best friend.

Their story is out of a movie. After 7 years of friendship, living in a country on the other side of the world ministering to kids, they fell in love. It really is an epic love story.

Though the details of the wedding were beautiful. The way this incredibly gorgeous bride loves her bridegroom stole the show.

A few weeks ago we got to capture Daley preparing for her wedding. At an incredible San Antonio Mission we documented this bride to be. It was a blast to see my friend glowing before her big day.

Daley, I'm just so grateful for you, your friendship and your marriage, sweet friend!

Listen to her laugh...


  1. Gorgeous pictures Jessica!!

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