Saturday, July 14, 2012

Georgia & Emma | Austin Newborn Photographer

There's just something about twins.

It was almost humorous how much we enjoyed photographing sweet Georgia and Emma.These two precious girls turned Julie and I to mush.

We love the Wall family and were beside ourselves with joy at their sweet additions. The way Anna and Mike see their babies is such a gift. Each of their children is a prize to this mom and dad. We saw it when we photographed them with Luke a year ago. I didn't know they'd have any more love to give with how much they loved their little boy...then came Georgia and Emma.

And if anyone loves Georgia and Emma more than Anna and Mike it's Luke. This big brother has his work cut out for him and I think he's up for the challenge. These tiny twin girls will be protected for always by their loving big brother.

We feel so blessed to have gotten to document their first days as a growing family!

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  1. oh. my. gosh. OHMYGOSH! The one with Luke and his sisters.... and the one with the arm over the other sister... ridiculously awesome.