Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Justin + Rachel | Austin Wedding Photographer

He says they met online...mostly because it bothers her.

Her quick response is always "NA, UH...it was mutual friends!"

He laughs and says..."Well...email was our first form of communication."

And this is how it is with Justin and Rachel.

I would imagine their calendar is booked solid with folks who want to spend time with them. An evening with these two promises to be filled with doubled-over laughter. And no matter who you are, you won't leave time with them and not feel loved.

These two just fit together. On our way to their beautiful Camp Lucy wedding that night, Julie and I talked about how Justin and Rachel are the kind of couple you meet and think...they BELONG together! It's like they were made for each other, they're better together than apart!

So in a gorgeous little chapel full of history, character and splashes of yellow, with their best friends in attendance these two committed to forever that summer night! They vowed to love each other no matter what, to show the world what it looks like to know the truest love of all. That night was the beginning of something GREAT!!

And we were just so lucky to be there for that...and the killer party that followed!

Venue: Camp Lucy
Florist: HEB Blooms
Dress: Alfred Angelo
Catering: Verde's

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  1. beautiful bride, beautiful venue, beautiful wedding. great job capturing all the details from mustaches, to smiles of the groom, to the glow of the bride's happiness, to the Monarch butterfly on the bushes and everything in between. great work jess!