Tuesday, July 3, 2012

parker | austin family photography

Little Parker will knock your socks off in more ways that one. First of all, he is one of the most beautiful kiddos I've ever seen--from his gorgeous blue eyes and perfect baby skin to his sweet dimpled grin and soft blonde hair--he is an absolute heart stopper. You're lucky to catch a glimpse of him though, because he is quick! He has the heart of an adventurer and is constantly chasing after fun! I was literally in awe of just how quick he was on his feet.

We were so blessed to spend the afternoon with this precious family, seeing how sweet their love for each other is not only during the wild, adventurous chase for fun but also in the simple, quiet moments in between.


  1. Anonymous4.7.12

    Love those pics!!!

  2. Anonymous4.7.12

    Moments in the life of a precious family that will be cherished forever. Great work!

  3. Anonymous5.7.12


  4. Anonymous6.7.12

    Photos to treasure!

  5. Anonymous9.7.12

    Melts your heart! And those blue eyes against that blue chair - are you kidding me?! Beautiful family.

  6. uncle jim10.7.12

    Great pictures thanks for sharing

  7. Aunt Pam14.7.12

    The pictures really capture the family and their love. The blue eyed heart throb comes from great stock...these are beautiful photos.