Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thomas + Hailey | Galveston Wedding Photographer

It was a gorgeous June evening and a fabulous start to a great summer. The blazing island sun shined bright through Moody Memorial First United Methodist Church's stained glass walls as she walked down the aisle to the start of a new chapter of her story.

Hailey and Thomas make each other better. I have never met a bride that lights up so brightly when's she's with the man she loves. I don't mean in her expression alone either. Hailey's entire personality glows when she's with her Thomas. It's as though she becomes all that she was meant to be when they're together. And he knows it. This playful, stable man rests most confidently in who he is next to his bride.

And this day was a reflection of just that. Every detail was as it was meant to be. From the bridesmaid dresses to the grooms cake, each tiny piece was right! Hailey planned her wedding to match her love for her man, and it was perfect!

So very happy for ya'll, beautiful Hailey and Thomas!

Getting Ready: LuLu's Salon & Day Spa 
Catering: Moody Gardens 

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  1. Anonymous29.6.12

    Beautiful words, beautiful bride, beautiful wedding!!! You captured it all perfectly!