Wednesday, June 20, 2012

stella | austin newborn photography

Man, I love this family! Amanda and Kevin are such a perfect combination both as a couple and as parents. Amanda embodies intentionality--she somehow seems to navigate each day and every decision with the goal of giving the very best to her family. Love resonates in even the smallest of her decisions. Kevin is like a steady and strong anchor, his presence seems to instantly bring peace and comfort. Watching him with his girls will melt your heart. It is no wonder they raised their precious Addison into such a sweet, smart and joyful little girl. It is hard to imagine a girl more blessed, but then there is Stella.  

On top of having amazing parents, and being absolutely beautiful, Stella also gets to have sweet Addi as a big sister, what a precious gift for them both!  These sweet girls are blessed indeed! 



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  1. Anonymous29.6.12

    such a sweet family!! You captured each of their personalities. I look forward to seeing more of these dear girls as they grow up.