Friday, August 31, 2012

baby aden | austin newborn photography

I can't express what an honor it is to get to photograph newborns. Not only do we get to be some of the first people to meet a brand new little person but we also get to be the first to see new parents. It's a week of awe at new life and new relationships and it makes for some very sweet moments. The looks on Aden's parents faces were one of my favorites. They were filled with blissful excitement like two people embarking on a great adventure.

Aden warrants every bit of excitement too. He is so precious and peaceful with perfect little features and sweet whisps of hair. He's an absolute dream. I'm honored I got to see their adventure begin and I can't wait to watch it unfold.


  1. What beautiful pictures. Little Aden is so cute! Jodie you look so happy.

  2. Anonymous31.8.12

    Baby Aden is so adorable! Beautiful family & beautiful pictures!
    We love you all :)

  3. Melissa C31.8.12

    Such a beautiful family!! You all look so happy! The pictures turned out amazing! I just love Aden's squishy little cheeks!

  4. Anonymous31.8.12

    Aden is the cutest!!! Wonderful pictures and subjects, but what other comment would you expect from a proud Great Grandmother!!! Love Mimi

  5. Great Pictures of the little big man!! Just precious!

  6. Anonymous4.9.12

    Love the pictures of Aden. He is just too cute and his Mom and Dad aren't bad either.