Saturday, September 1, 2012


Something horrible happened today. I walked into Target, and saw all of their kiddie pools and slip slides on sale and it hit me.

Summer is over.

It caught me so off guard. I should have seen the signs: kids are back in school, I'm about to draft my fantasy football team and our neighborhood pool closes this week. I guess I've been in denial but standing there in Target debating buying a slip n' slide for next summer it became true.

So, goodbye summer! You were lovely and full of wonderful memories, a favorite being the wonderful day spent sliding from the bounce house into the pool after my nephew's birthday party. Evan's granddad even joined in for the fun. I ran up the bounce house and down the slide with the eagerness of child who had just learned to swim. Summer makes us all kids again I think. And I will miss it.

Luckily, there is joy in every season and autumn happens to be my favorite, so I won't be sad for long!

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