Friday, August 17, 2012

baby cohen | austin newborn photography

In the warm summer afternoon that we spent with baby Cohen, one thing was abundantly clear. He was full of peace. It wasn't just the normal peace that seems to characterize every sleepy newborn but a peace that spoke to an inner steadfastness and strength. It seems an odd thing to say about a baby but I believe it firmly.

I have a feeling it runs in the family too. Cohen's family seems to approach life with such a calm joy, even in times of difficulty and trial. It's that consistent joy that speaks to their strength as a family.

It was such a joy to get to know y'all and to meet one of the sweetest big brothers I have ever known!


  1. Anonymous17.8.12

    Super amazing pictures! Cohen looks adorable, Connor just looks meant to be a big brother (and pro picture-taker), Katy looks beautiful and Chris you and your boys are so sweet together! Great great pictures!! Can't wait to see them posted in our office!

  2. Love the Davenport family! Beautiful amazing photos of this wonderful family.

  3. Oh my goodness!! The boys are so special and are so darn cute!! Katy and Chris are wonderful parents and it shows in every detail of the pictures! I'm not too prejudiced! Just KK! We are truly blessed for our darling boys!

  4. Pa Pa17.8.12

    Fabulous pictures!! They capture the very essence of a super special family. I love those boys and I love their parents.


  5. Anonymous17.8.12

    Awesome photos of an awesome family!! God has truly blessed y'all....

    Your family in Iowa loves you....

  6. These pics are absolutely perfect!!! Jessica and Julie did a phenomenal job :-)

  7. The train picture is priceless

  8. Anonymous18.8.12

    Love these! Especially the train pic and the black and white of Chris and Cohen.
    :-) Mae

  9. Love the train pic!!

  10. Anonymous19.8.12

    Beautiful pictures of a sweet baby, his handsome big brother and their wonderful parents. Will have to change my screen saver :) Nana

  11. Cassi and Jon Davenport20.8.12

    You all are so cute!! The boys are gorgeous! We are so happy for you all. God bless your sweet family!

  12. Anonymous20.8.12

    The sweetest family! I love the picture with the train and the boys. Hope all is well!

  13. Anonymous20.8.12

    The pics are so special as is this family. We are so thankful for their health and happiness. Aunt and Uncle in Austin

  14. Julie Ricks22.8.12

    I love them!! You girls captured something so special. God has truly blessed you girls with a talent!! The pictures are amazing...babies are sweet reminders of Gods perfect LOVE!!

  15. Anonymous22.8.12

    What a wonderful job you did capturing the essence of this family in your words and in your photos. Love Love Love

  16. Anonymous27.8.12

    Can't wait to order :-)

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