Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brandon + Sunny | Austin Wedding Photographer

Sweet, Authentic and Intimate.

These are the words that best describe Brandon and Sunny's Saturday morning wedding ceremony.

When I arrived in the 5am hour to the Four Seasons Hotel she was as chipper and excited as ever. Sunny couldn't wait to make Brandon hers forever. I've known this bride for a little while and I've watched her anticipate and pray for this man and this very day.

God answered. Brandon loves his bride like his life depends on it. He knows he is one lucky groom. And the day matched their feelings for each other. It was everything she had hoped it would be. And not just the weather, the guests and the shoes. This girl was marrying the man of her dreams that morning...the one God had made just for her. Their life together couldn't start soon enough.

So in the presence of their closest friends and family, with her best friend officiating, Brandon and Sunny committed to honor, serve and love one another forever.

And I...was lucky to be there!!


  1. Kay W.23.8.12

    Thank you for sharing. I have known Brandon all his life. His mom and I were best friends and you captured the happiness that I know they felt on their special day!

  2. Molly G24.8.12

    great pictures! I thrills me to see such genuine happiness captured here!