Monday, October 8, 2012

Zac + Jessica | Austin Wedding Photographer

I love my city... no amount of traffic or terribly hot months can change that. So I was overjoyed when I heard that this San Francisco bride chose Austin as the destination for her September wedding.

After six years of being together, Zac and Jessica invited their gorgeous families down to Austin for a long weekend of celebrating the start to their marriage...and boy, did they celebrate!

The ever so lovely Laguna Gloria was the backdrop of their beautiful ceremony and reception, and through that breathtaking smile no one could miss how happy Jessica was to be marrying her best friend. But what was almost as unbelievable was the way he lit up the moment Zac saw his bride.

They recited their own vows in a ceremony that was nothing if not personal and unique to their relationship. Just as he shared exactly how lucky he felt to be with such a remarkable catch, Jessica confessed to her family that the years they'd had together so far were by far the best of her life.

Writing this now, I'm so excited to think of how much more these two will fall in love (if that's even possible) every day for the rest of their lives.

This, my friends, was one beautiful wedding!

Make-Up: Stephanie Goldsmith with Haute Facade
Florist: Courtney Landers
Coordinator: Leia Deyhle
Catering: Austin Catering
Dessert: Amy's Ice Cream


  1. Anonymous10.10.12

    Good quality photos show how wedding photographer loves photography.

  2. Gorgeous photos and bride! Jessica amazing pictures! You were sooo fun to work with as well!