Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Narrowing down photos for this blog post was almost as difficult as articulating how thankful I am for these two.

That said, there will be a lot of photos and fewer words in this post.

Derek and Lyndsey's love story is as special as their gorgeous Bahamas wedding. Everything about their love for each other is unique, beautiful and fun. These three words also describe their incredible Harbour Island wedding weekend. Pink Sands was the perfect backdrop to their spectacular event. Ben's team at Little Island Designs blew it out of the water. I actually don't think it could have been any better.

I'll let the photos tell the story - complete with flags, flowers, 5-hr energies and fabulously choreographed dances by the bridal party.

Derek and Lyndsey, you have become dear friends to me. I can't tell you how thankful I am for the two of you and your families!


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  2. BEST WEDDING EVER!! Most gorgeous couple, location, dress, photos... pretty much everything. LOVE!

  3. Ashley Allen12.6.13

    Absolutely beautiful photos!!!! Jessica, you captured the whole feeling of the weekend PERFECTLY.

  4. Oh, WOW! Took my breath away!

  5. Holly12.6.13

    these pictures make me want to go back in time even more! amazing photos, special and beautiful couple, incredible location. well done jessica!

  6. Anonymous13.6.13

    Jessica, your photos are spectacular! You truly captured the essence of that magical day - beauty and joy. The photo of Lyndsey under the Pink Sands archway should be on the cover of a bridal magazine. Thank you for all you did to preserve the memories of their magnificent destination wedding. Daryl Beckman

  7. Anonymous14.6.13

    Such beautiful pics! It looks like such an amazing time!

  8. Anonymous17.6.13

    amazing! take me back now pls!!!

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