Sunday, December 21, 2014


I love photographing beautiful people!! 

What I'm learning, though, is that people are the most beautiful when they're the most happy. I get to capture folks on the greatest, happiest day of their lives. I love what I do!

I grew up with Angie, so I know how differently she looks at Spencer than she does anyone else. With a giddy, glowing smile this gorgeous bride melts at the sight of her groom. She couldn't be more deserving of this kind of love! 

Getting to know Angie's Spencer was such a treat for me. Well loved by all his people and over the moon crazy about his girl, this groom is perfect for gorgeous Angie!

Their day was beautiful! From a traditional ceremony at First Presbyterian Galveston to a dancing reception at the classic Tremont House, this couple will never forget the incredible details of THEIR day…the day they said FOREVER!


  1. Gorgeous!! What a fun wedding! Congrats Angie and Spencer!

  2. Beautiful photos! So happy for Angie and Spencer!

  3. Beautiful Angie like you! Jess you have a gift! You captured the heart and soul of Angie and Spencer's wedding day!