Sunday, December 28, 2014


Kelly's family might belong in a movie. You know the kind you curl up and watch on Christmas day with your family. The kind of movie that makes you want to have several kids who grow up and raise their kids and celebrate holidays together. You know. They fight big, but love HUGE. (Ok…now I'm describing how I feel about The Family Stone.)

She's one of three girls. They all live down the street from their parents. Every grandkid has a personality of their own and each of them is as loved by their Gigi as the next.

So you can imagine when Kelly and her adorable Addison started a new family with Noel that day, it was outstanding! Seeing the way that Noel loves his two girls fits Kelly's family model perfectly. As Addison joined Noel at the alter and they awaited his beloved bride together, it was like a painting that told a story. He proceeded to give a special gift to Addison during their ceremony to let her know that the three of them were family now.

In the hours that followed, Noel and Kelly glowed as they kissed, danced and celebrated together with their families. I swear, The Hoffman Haus had a unique shine that night.

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